For 100 years our fire and police departments have served us well

Hamtramck has a lot to be proud of, but this year we have a special celebration.
Both the Fire Department and Police Department are sharing the same milestone: Being in service for 100 years.
Both departments started before the city even became incorporated. It’s hard to imagine what village life was like back then, but obviously there was a need for fire and police services.
The departments have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Like every city, Hamtramck residents are prideful that we have two independent departments here.
While we celebrate this remarkable anniversary, we wonder what the next 100 years will be like. American society has been going through major changes in recent years.
Sadly, many communities have seen their tax base erode to the point where paying for fire and police service is getting harder and harder to do. Hamtramck is still under the control of an emergency manager, and with any luck by the time she leaves the city will be financially sound for the future.
But things will continue to change. If we truly want to keep our own fire and police departments intact, it’s going to take some creative thinking down the road.
Let’s celebrate today, but also let’s keep an eye out for what comes our way in the next few years.
Sto Lat! firefighters and police officers. You have served us well.

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