Former Councilmember Musa appointed to empty council seat

Former City Councilmember Abu Musa was sworn into office once again. He is filling a seat vacated by Amanda Jaczkowski who resigned. Photo supplied by the City of Hamtramck.


By Charles Sercombe
The city council now has its sixth member once again.
Former Councilmember Abu Musa was officially appointed to fill the seat vacated by Amanda Jaczkowski.
Jaczkowski resigned for health reasons, she said.
In a statement, she said, in part:
“It has become apparent over the past year as your councilwoman that I am not able to balance the professional obligations to my standard and maintain my physical health, and therefore I have made the extremely difficult decision to resign as councilwoman. …”
However, there was speculation that her resignation had something to do with a council proclamation opposing military financial aid to “repressive governments around the world.”
The proclamation singled out the persecution of Palestinians, and by implication, condemned Israel. She did not respond to The Review for comment on the proclamation, nor did she speak out publicly about the issue.
Jaczkowski was in her first term. She became the second new councilmember to resign: Adam Albarmaki resigned last year because of his job obligations.
Musa would have been appointed to the council last week, but there were not enough councilmembers present to legally take any actions, other than to listen to a financial audit report.
Musa first won a seat on council in 2016 but was knocked out of office in 2019.
He sought re-election in 2021 but came in fifth — next to last in the field of six candidates.
Musa’s appointment now means that the council is comprised of all males. This is the first time in many years where there are no women serving on the council.
The mayor, Amer Ghalib, is also a male, and he chairs the council meetings.
While Musa’s appointment fills out the council, Councilmember Khalil Refai has been absent for about three months. He had said he would be taking a leave.
Refai, who is also in his first term, did not say what the reasons are for his absences, and it’s not clear when he is returning. He was the top vote-getter in the 2021 general election.
Posted March 24, 2023

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