Get ready for an election season

Hamtramck’s election season is off and running.
The only local election this year for public office is for three seats on city council. Councilmembers Mohammed Hassan, Nayeem Choudhury and Mohammed Alsomiri are facing nine challengers in the August Primary Election.
Unfortunately, there is only one woman in this field of challengers, and currently the council, as well as the mayor, are all male.
This is hardly representative of Hamtramck.
Hamtramck elections used to attract dozens of folks. In recent years, that number has steadily dwindled.
We can understand why: holding elected office is work, and then there are always critics to face. It’s a thankless job.
In fact, this has been illustrated by the resignations of two newly-elected councilmembers this past year, and a third newly-elected member has been absent for months, for reasons never made clear.
Hamtramck needs serious candidates who have some knowledge of our city’s own issues and needs, as well as knowledge of the limits of what a councilmember can and cannot do.
We are always baffled by folks who want a seat on council while having no idea how the job works — or even an inkling of what’s in our city charter.
Some see being elected as a councilmember as a trophy.
We’re hoping that we hear from the candidates in the coming weeks about what issues they would like to tackle.
Here’s a hint, though, of what not to promise: lowering property taxes. That’s not going to happen.
Posted May 12, 2023

One Response to Get ready for an election season

  1. Mark Koroi

    May 28, 2023 at 3:33 am

    Three tips that I have given to newly-elected members of City Council:

    (A) study the City Charter;

    (B) learn Roberts’ Rules of Order;

    (C) study the adopted rules that govern City Council procedure.

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