Granholm administration has been a friend to Hamtramck

typewriter Wednesday was a great day for Hamtramck.
That’s when the brand new state Department of Human Services building was officially opened. Although Gov. Jennifer Granholm couldn’t attend the grand opening, she has said that supporting Hamtramck development has been a priority for her administration.
It’s nice to have friends in high places.
The new office will be home to 200 or so employees and it will attract hundreds of clients each weekday. That will translate into hundreds of new visitors to Hamtramck, which means there will likely be a boost in people shopping and eating here in town.
The building will also help attract other developers to the northend of Jos. Campau, an area that has suffered from one business closing after another. The northend has been like a cancer to the city’s main business district, and now it’s poised to jumpstart our ailing economy.
Gov. Granholm takes a lot of guff from critics, but her administration has been awfully keen to Hamtramck’s needs and has shown it can make development happen.

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