Hamtramck’s ‘homegrown’ feeling will be contagious this weekend

Hamtramck, this is your weekend to shine.

The annual Hamtramck Labor Day Festival almost didn’t happen this weekend. The city is so broke it had to lay off its special events coordinator, who, by the way, was considered a part-time employee.

But thanks to two volunteers – and several other supporters – the event will be held. There’s going to be a lot of finger-crossing this weekend in hopes that the turnout will be at least as good as last year and that the weather cooperates.

Now that Oakland County’s Arts, Beats & Eats has moved down from Pontiac to Royal Oak there is some concern that Hamtramck’s party won’t attract as many people.

Well, from what we can tell, Hamtramck’s entertainment schedule blows away the Beats & Eats, which it usually does anyway. And if you like a more hometown feeling, well, Hamtramck has that in spades.

But more important than the number of people attending, the festival is a way for our residents to celebrate all things Hamtramck. And it’s fitting that this year’s theme is “Homegrown.” Hamtramck has always had to rely on itself to survive, so celebrating that spirit is especially timely considering the economic pressures facing us.

This weekend, it’s time to kick back and enjoy. We also open our city this weekend to many visitors, some who will undoubtedly be coming here for the first time.

Let’s make a good impression.

And what better way to celebrate Hamtramck and our hospitality than to have our very own native son, Mitch Ryder, perform Monday evening. Rock on Mitch and thanks for giving Hamtramck special consideration in your busy schedule.

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