Hamtramck’s best interests is with the Democratic Party

Traditionally, Hamtramck voters support Democratic candidates.

And traditionally this newspaper has reflected the political leanings of the community. In this election, voters can vote for candidates in both parties, as long as they don’t vote for more candidates than are allowed in each race.

In the Primary Election, voters had to vote either Democrat or Republican.

This election certainly gives voters a lot more choices.

When it comes to making endorsements, the editorial staff talks about candidates in all parties and which ones will better serve the community.

That open discussion has led to some changes in endorsements. We encourage you, our readers, to also actively discuss politics with friends and family.

At some point we all have to decide. As far as this newspaper’s editorial position (which sometimes differs from our publisher’s viewpoint) we urge voters to vote straight Democratic. That means we are endorsing Virg Bernero for governor. Although we weren’t impressed that Bernero was picked by fellow Democrats to be their candidate.

And we aren’t pleased that Republicans chose Rick Snyder for their candidate for governor.

It’s nothing against Bernero. It’s just that he grates on some voters. But that may because he speaks uncomfortable truths about the health of this state. Bernero has a far better grasp on the issues facing the state and has proved his leadership skills as mayor of Lansing.

The Republican candidate, Rick Snyder, who is way ahead in the polls and is expected to be voted in, has offered nothing but vague solutions to fixing the many pressing problems Michigan is facing.

Snyder is running as an outsider, and we’re betting that he is going to run into a brick wall in Lansing’s entrenched political machinery. At best, he’s naive. At worse, he will get nothing accomplished and Michigan will continue to crash and burn.

In other races, we’re supporting Democratic candidates as well.

In the race for Supreme Court, we urge voters to ignore the heavy promotion of Young and Kelly. These two have a far-right agenda.

Instead, we endorse current Supreme Court Justice Alton Thomas Davis and first-time challenger Denise Langford Morris. Voters can vote for no more than two in this race.

Included in the ballot are two state ballot issues. We urge a “YES” vote to allow the state’s constitution to be updated and rewritten. It is woefully out of date and desperately needs an overhaul.

We also urge a “YES” vote to forbid those who violate the public’s trust while serving in a public office or a public position to run for public office. While it appears this proposal was drafted in response to the criminal doings of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, it also speaks to the deep-rooted pay to play system in Detroit.

We need protection from predator politicians.

There is also a tax millage renewal for Wayne County parks, a small one amounting to 25 cents per $1,000 assessed value of your home. We know things are extremely tight for many families, but this is a small price to pay to ensure at least some of our parks are maintained.

No matter what we have to say, go out and vote next Tuesday.

One Response to Hamtramck’s best interests is with the Democratic Party

  1. Charity

    November 1, 2010 at 4:49 am

    To do the same thing again and expect different results is insanity. Encouraging Hamtramck voters to vote Democratic because “traditionally Hamtramck voters vote Democratic” will help to ensure that Hamtramck will continue to self destruct.

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