Hamtramck Hustle is ready to rattle and roll

Some of the coolest classic cars and “rat” rods will be on display this Saturday at the Hamtramck Hustle, held in Veterans Park.

By Alan Madeleine

Maybe the Dream Cruise hasn’t totally sated you for looking at classic cars.

Maybe nothing can…

Welcome, then, to version six of the Hamtramck Hustle, Hamtown’s very own vintage auto extravaganza, happening tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 25) at Veterans Park.

Sponsored by the local Dead Last Car Club, it expects to feature approximately 60 to 70 hot rods and “kustoms” (from prior to 1968) and motorcycles (from prior to 1975).

“It started out small, just two guys, ’Nate’ and ‘Dan’,” said member “George” (the members seem to prefer to stay last-name anonymous). “Now, we’re up to 11 in the club.”

The idea, George said, was to keep it local; in the city. Both the founding members lived here, and they perceived a lack of inner-city car shows, so they moved to fill that void.

Nowadays, they try to incorporate local businesses or locally-made products into these shows, he noted. To that end, they drafted a letter and sent it around to some of the bars, seeing if they’d be willing to host a compatible band, feature a few drink or food specials, or the like.

Kelly’s Bar responded, and will host the after-party (see below for details).

And while the Dead Last Car Club is more or less a “closed club,” meaning really just a group of friends who all know each other and have their own vintage rides, they put out a call to other local groups they’re friendly with, to bring their own vehicles on down to Saturday’s event to fill it out.

The club gives out awards as well, George said, among the top ones of which are “Best in Show, Best Hot Rod (any vintage car that’s been significantly re-worked), Best Kustom (a more or less stock car with, generally, only subtle changes), Best Truck, and Best Bike.” He mentioned there will be other awards as well, such as an award for Best Club Participation (other than their own).

There’ll be a few food vendors, but no alcohol sold. Members usually bring their own coolers. Expect a DJ, as well as a blues band.

And help keep area cleaned up, please.

The event kicks off with a 10 a.m. registration hour at Veterans Memorial Park, on Jos. Campau on the south end of town. The event itself officially starts right after that, at 11 a.m.

If you’re showing a vehicle, it’s $20 to register, unless it’s what’s known as a “trailer queen,” that is, a car that’s for show only, and not normally driven around. Trailer queens cost $40 to sign up. Admission to the show for spectators is free. For more info, email deadlastcc@aol.com, or call (313) 673-7845.

The after-party will be held at Kelly’s Blues Bar, 2403 Holbrook (east of Dubois on the north side of the street), beginning at 5 p.m. Their phone number is (313) 872-0387.

2 Responses to Hamtramck Hustle is ready to rattle and roll

  1. Dead Last CC

    August 27, 2012 at 1:31 am

    We would like to thank The City of Hamtramck, The Hamtramck Review, Kelly’s Bar, all the local venders that came out and ALL the great people that came to this years Hamtramck Hustle. Each year it keeps getting better. We had great weather, great cars and motorcycles and a great time.
    If you missed the show this year, don’t worry we’ll be back next year. The show is always scheduled for the last Saturday in August, rain or shine.
    Thanks again.

    —Dead Last Car Club

  2. Amity

    August 26, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Thank you to the Hamtramck Review for stopping in to visit the VANITY VIXEN retro glam camper! This year’s Hustle was fantastic! We had a great vendors, wonderful weather and the cars and motorcycles were amazing. DJ Alan Contino of the “Wrekking Hours” (Every Monday 4 – 6pmEST (GMT -5) 89.3 FM in Detroit) and THE SURFING PHARAOHS provided musical entertainment, Kelly’s Bar extended their hospitality for the after party, and Miss Jeannine LaPorte won the title of Miss Hamtramck Hustle 2013! Thank you to the Dead Last Car Club and the Piston Jammers for showing us all such a good time!

    ~ Amity of Vanity Vixen (Pin Up & Bridal Hair/Makeup)
    Call 248-678-2668 to book an appointment!

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