Hamtramck schools get extra boost to better compete

Hamtramck’s Public School District just got a shot in the arm that is sorely needed.

The financially-struggling district – and at this point which public school district isn’t struggling? – has partnered-up with United Way of Southeastern Michigan and GM in a very unique academic program.

For the next five years, students at Hamtramck High School will receive special mentoring through an aggressive campaign to increase the graduation rate from 62 percent to upwards of 90 percent.

For the school district and kids, this program is gold. The district will be able to promote its schools as a one-way ticket to success, and thus hopefully attract more students.

For students, it’s a shot at going on to higher education and a direct path toward a high-paying tech job.

Take advantage of this, kids, because this is a rare opportunity to go on to a successful career.

Hamtramck wasn’t necessarily picked because it has a low graduation rate. We are certainly not as bad as neighboring Highland Park or Detroit. We were selected because Hamtramck is such a great ethnically and culturally diverse city.

In a way, we are the world.

Our students are actually pretty good, but many of them face a huge challenge from the get-go: Because so many come from foreign lands, English is not their first language.

Right off the bat, many of our kids face a huge hurdle, but it is a challenge that many of the students manage to rise to.

This United Way program is an extra tool to help them succeed further.

Hamtramck’s schools will soon be the envy of others.

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