Hamtramck’s basement flooding is now an ongoing health hazard

Once again a number of Hamtramck residents experienced sewer backups during Monday’s heavy downpour.
It left many wondering if this is going to be the “new normal” in which every time it rains hard you can bet that your basement will flood with foul sewer water and waste.
This is no way to live.
While Hamtramck has experienced its share of flooding when it rains, it appears it’s happening with more frequency.
What is happening?
We know our sewer system is very old and deteriorating. We also know that if the city were to connect its existing sewer system with a much larger system on Conant, the thinking is most of our flooding problems would go away.
We know one thing. FEMA is now considering what, if any, compensation can be made to the many communities that suffered severe flooding on Aug. 11. A number of suburban communities experienced sewage backup from a torrential rain that day, which forced thousands of households to tear up contaminated carpet and throw out tons of furniture.
If FEMA is considering some kind of reimbursement, it might be wise – and admittedly a long shot – for city officials to lobby for financial help to end Hamtramck’s flooding problem once and for all.
Hamtramck is just now taking its first steps toward permanently fixing our problem by connecting with the Conant system. Unfortunately, it’s going to take massive financial assistance, something to the tune of over $40 million.
Hamtramckans should not have to live with the filth that backs up from flooding. This is a major human health hazard, one that requires prompt action.
That would be the appeal we’d make to FEMA for financial help.
Hey, it’s worth a try.


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