Heatwave rolls into town, and there could be more

“Whenever I’m with him
Something inside
Starts to burnin’
And I’m filled with desire
Could it be the devil in me
Or is this the way love’s supposed to be
Just like a heatwave
Burning in my heart
Can’t keep from cryin’
It’s tearing me apart”

Martha and the Vandellas

By Charles Sercombe

Let’s check the calendar.

Yep, there are still two weeks to go before summer starts.

That’s right, it’s still spring and we have already suffered several days in the last couple of weeks of 90-plus degree weather.

Does this mean this summer is going to be another scorcher just like last year? Some climate experts say that thanks to global warming, we will be experiencing hot, hot summers for the next several years.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday gave us a taste of the heatwave to come, and Hamtramck residents seemed to get along just as well as any other community. In other words, we suffered.

According to the Fire Department, numerous ambulance runs were made to help rescue people suffering from the heat.

“You’ve got to hydrate yourself, drink a lot of water, or you’ll be in trouble,” said Fire Chief Steve Paruk. “A lot of people don’t have air conditioning.”

Without a doubt, the best place to cool off was at Pulaski Park, where you could take a run through the splash pad or just enjoy the shade under the pavilion or a tree.

Well, there are, for some weird reason, only a couple of trees in this so-called park, but what else is new? This is Hamtramck, where sometimes up is down and city “parks” are just glorified lots.

But we digress. Gee … it must be the heat.

Anyway, if you couldn’t find a shady place, the next best thing was to carry your own in the form of an umbrella, which we ran into one fella doing while strolling down Caniff. Hey, it works.

One Response to Heatwave rolls into town, and there could be more

  1. Steven Cherry

    June 10, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Where’s Preserve Our Parks? Maybe they could plant some trees instead of building that hippie bike trail thing they’ve been working on all this time.

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