Here’s to a successful year for the city and schools

Hamtramck will have a busy year ahead.
With a new city manager soon to come on board, city officials will have their hands full in tackling a number of issues such as finances – a perennial challenge – road repairs, ongoing park improvements and the boosting of the city’s business districts.
We are confident that Hamtramck will be in good hands, and that the mayor and city council will be able to balance out a number of these things.
We are especially interested in the city’s ongoing and expanded cultural events that began last year.
The school district also has its challenges as well, such as trying to retain and increase student enrollment, and settling on a permanent superintendent.
By all accounts, Hamtramck is moving forward, and we expect a lot of good and productive things to come out of this year.
Here’s to a great new year.
Posted Jan. 13, 2023

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