Homecoming season comes home to the Cosmos

The kids want a little action
The kids want a little fun
The kids all have to get their kicks
Before the evening’s done

‘Cause they’re goin’ to
(High school) rah, rah, rah
(High school) sis, boom, bah
(High school) hey, hey, hey
You better let them have their way

“High School” by the MC5

By Charles Sercombe

All right, hardly any high school students know of that old 1970s-era MC5 tune, but Hamtramck High School students had plenty of the school spirit that the lyrics shout out during last Friday’s Homecoming Parade down Jos. Campau.

They created floats and costumes and had a “sis, boom, bah” time hollering and laughing their way down Hamtown’s main business district. As usual, the parade ended at Keyworth Stadium to “rah, rah, rah” the Cosmos football team.

The cheering worked its charm. The Cosmos won their first game of the season.

“Hey, hey, hey”!

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