If elected, he will not serve

City Council candidate Steve Shaya

By Charles Sercombe

Well here’s a twist no one saw coming in this year’s election for City Council.

Candidate Steve Shaya is asking voters to not vote for him because he has taken a job with the city.

Shaya has been appointed as a consultant to help run the Department of Public Works, and there is a good chance that if he wants the job as director, he has a shot at getting it.

Shaya said he is indeed applying for the job.

Election law does not allow for a candidate to have his or her name withdrawn from the ballot at this point. If Shaya wins one of the three seats on council, he said he will immediately resign.

And if that were to happen, the next highest vote-getter would take his seat on council.

He is asking his supporters to cast their vote for Councilmember Cathie Gordon and candidates Robert Zwolak and Anam Miah.

“These three candidates have the most experience for the job, and love for our community,” Shaya said in a press release he issued on Wednesday.

There are six candidates, including Shaya, running for one of three seats on council. Councilmember Gordon is the only incumbent seeking re-election.

In an otherwise dull election year, things just got interesting.

3 Responses to If elected, he will not serve

  1. James

    October 23, 2011 at 7:30 am

    After reading this article, is he the right person for this job?


  2. jack

    October 25, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    after reading the article on metrotimes and hamtramck review it is picture perfect that there is a conflict of interest. Steves company is working as a contractor for hamtramck for a while. it is obvious that he wants to be a councilman for more authority over giving contract. Meantime he is offered a job from hamtramck? hamtramck city could not find anybody else in michigan to hire? In the meantime, Zwolak who is front runner for the upcoming election recommending Steve to be hired as a consultant and at the same time Steve giving his support for Zwolak. Moreover, Hamtramck review is supporting the same candidates as Steve is supporting. Knowing Zwolak has connection with Steve how could hamtramck review support Zwolak? I understand that Zwolak wants to be a council-member and in exchange for Steves support Steve gets a job as well many upcoming city contracts. Hamtramck review is very tough on other candidates who ran for such an office. Why are they so quiet about this issue. Why dont they denounce both steve and zwolak. Whats happening in the city deserves a state wide attention. People of Hamtramck!! your city is getting robbed!! Do something.

  3. kevin

    October 30, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    i agree with jack. Hamtramck Review say ” NO” to Zwolak and Steve. Its your responsibility!!! They will sell our city..

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