If you want to hold office in Hamtramck, take the job seriously

If you run for public office, it’s expected that if you win and you agree to commit to the duties of that office.

Recently, there has been growing criticism of the attendance records of Councilmembers Shahab Ahmed and Kazi Miah.

Ahmed now has 10 unexcused absences this year. Miah has five excused absences and one unexcused absence. There is concern that he is abusing the request process to be excused from meetings.

Yes, Hamtramck City Council meetings can be long and tedious, and often are abused by some members who use the forum as their private soapbox to preach on this and that.

But despite these distractions, when you take the oath for office, you promise to fulfill your duties.
That includes attending regular and special meetings.

If a majority of councilmembers regularly failed to attend the meetings, things would grind to a halt in the city.

It makes you wonder if these two councilmembers take the job seriously.

And yes, life sometimes gets in the way, and unexpected things pop up. But if this happens on a regular basis, well, it’s time to own up to the fact that you can no longer carry out your duties as an office holder and then do the right thing: resign.

In Mr. Ahmed’s case, he is finishing out his term in the next several weeks. There are maybe six more meetings at most. It would be pointless for him to resign now. But there is such a thing as legacy, at it will go down in the history books what his track record has been.

For Mr. Miah, he has two more years in office. Mr. Miah: Either straighten up now, or do the community a favor and resign.

And, for those seeking election onto the council come this Nov. 8, let this be a warning to take this job seriously. Winning a seat on council is not a trophy. It’s a real job.

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