In a competitive market, a dispensary shuts down for good

The marijuana dispensary 3Fifteen has now closed its doors permanently, leaving three other marijuana facilities still operating in town.


By Charles Sercombe
Once again, the marijuana dispensary 3Fifteen has closed down.
But this time, a sign on its door says it’s permanent.
Just a few months ago, the Jos. Campau store, located between Zinow and Pulaski, reopened after being closed temporarily.
A spokesman for the company did not return emails for comment on this latest closure.
This now leaves three operating dispensaries in the city.
The business license still lists Victor Kattoula, of Sterling Heights, as the owner of 3Fifteen. The Review also reached out to Kattoula for comment, but he could not be reached.
According to Hamtramck’s ordinance regulating dispensaries, the license for the business cannot be transferred. However, Kattoula can remain the business license holder for a new dispensary.
Each of the dispensaries produce about $50,000 a year in taxes and fees for the city.
City Manager Max Garbarino had no comment on the closure.
Marijuana sales in the state generated $59.5 million in 2022, according to the Department of Treasury.
The total sales from adult-use cannabis in Michigan was $1.8 billion.
None of the Hamtramck dispensaries have played a high-profile role in the city, and none have done local public promotions for their business.

Marijuana sales competition in the metro area is stiff, with dozens and dozens of outlets competing for consumers to shop at. The market has become oversaturated,causing prices for various cannabis products to be greatly reduced in recent months.
There had been an initial pushback here by religious conservative members of the community against allowing dispensaries to operate, and there are still calls for shutting them down.
All four of the dispensaries moved into vacant commercial buildings, and, in some instances, did extensive remodeling and updating of those buildings.
Posted July 7, 2023

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