In County Commission election, vote for SCOTT

This year’s election for county commissioner offers some interesting choices for Hamtramck voters.

City Councilmembers Cathie Gordon and Tom Jankowski are among five challengers taking on incumbent Martha Scott.

Commissioner Scott has worn many hats in her 30-plus years in public service. She’s been up against greater odds and has managed to come out on top.

It’s a pretty amazing track record. Through it all, Scott has been a friend to Hamtramck and a proven ally.

It’s curious that Gordon and Jankowski have decided to take her on. Did they enter to simply put their name out there for future campaigns?

Or do they have a sincere desire to serve the public?

We have usually advocated voting for a local candidate when the choice comes up. We think Gordon and Jankowski would serve the community well on the County Commission.

But we also believe that it’s going to be one tough challenge to unseat Scott. Scott is fully entrenched in her district, which besides Hamtramck covers Highland Park and a slice of Detroit.

Her experience also speaks volumes.

While we don’t think voters can go wrong with Gordon or Jankowski, we urge voters to stick with the tried and true, MARTHA SCOTT.

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