In the wake of violence, Hamtramck rises up in solidarity

A pretty amazing thing happened last Friday evening.

An incredible turnout of people participated in a quickly put-together rally/march in support of the six women who were violently attacked within a one-week period recently.

The get-together was called “Take Back the Night Hamtramck.”

We couldn’t agree more.

We all need to take back our nights and days and our lives.

We, as a community, are not going to sit idly by and allow evil in this world rule and abuse us.

Our hearts go out to the two women who were victimized in a kidnapping – and their likely murder. And just a few days after that horrible incident, there was a carjacking of initially four women, and a sexual assault of three of them.

Add it all up, and our collective stomach wretched over these attacks.

Fortunately, if you can call it that, all suspects believed involved in the two incidents have been apprehended, and their convictions look like a slam dunk from here on out.

That is hardly a soothing thought. The families of the two women who are still missing have yet to find out the fate of their beloved daughters.

The women who have been sexually assaulted likely face a lifetime of grief and therapy.

Lives have been taken here either literally or figuratively.

All of this is sickening. But for a brief moment on Friday, we had a very public showing of solidarity, of togetherness and of tenderness as well. It reminded us that although violence against women will likely continue, with numbers comes safety.

When a community comes together, we become stronger.

It was heartwarming when supporters walked down Jos. Campau, a number of people driving by honked in support.

Yes, Hamtramck belongs to us, the good people who do not commit mindless violence against others.

These outrageous acts of violence are truly an aberration – but that is small comfort.

It’s going to take a long time to heal from this.

But we take solace in what Mayor Karen Majewski had to say to the 200-plus caring people who showed up.

“Women of Hamtramck will not be intimidated. … We do not surrender our freedom of movement,” she said.
No we don’t, Madam Mayor.

And speaking for the men who love the women in our lives, we are standing strong with you.

One Response to In the wake of violence, Hamtramck rises up in solidarity

  1. stash zaliwski

    April 27, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Arm yourself folks, and stand your ground or this city will become an easy target for thugs and hoodlums of all kind. Simple. If we don”t your house will be worth pennies on the dollar due to the crime. Thank”s for Hamtramck police, or you would be better off abandoning your home and get the hell out.

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