In Tuesday’s election, we endorse the following …

Next Tuesday is the August Primary Election.

Usually, primary elections don’t attract a large number of voters like general elections do. But that doesn’t mean they are any less important.

For many of the Democratic candidates, winning the primary means they will likely breeze into office in the General Election. That’s why voting in a Primary Election is so important.

Here’s a recap on who we endorsed.

In the Wayne County Commission race, we are supporting Commissioner Martha Scott, who has years of experience in government.

For State Representative, we think Hamtramck City Councilmember Mohammed Hassan deserves support because it’s time for the Bangladeshi community to have a voice in Lansing.

For County Treasurer, we are firmly behind longtime incumbent, and Hamtramck resident, Raymond Wojtowicz.
In the newly created 14th Congressional District, the race has largely come down to two incumbents who have been forced to face off against each other: Gary Peters and Hansen Clarke.

It’s a shame that one of these candidates is going to be out of a job, because both have been a service to their communities and this state. But judging on experience and ability, Gary Peters is by far the better candidate.
There are also two tax proposals.

One is for a 10-year tax to support the Detroit Institute of Arts. Voters in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties are being asked to support a .2 mills tax increase.

This tax will literally guarantee that the DIA will not have to shut down, which is something that is unthinkable.

A homeowner who has a house with a $40,000 taxable value will pay a mere extra $8 a year.

There is also an incentive to sweeten the deal for voters: If a majority of voters support the tax in the county where they live, they will be able to visit the museum for no charge.

Even if you have no family, that is truly a deal, considering you can visit the museum as many times as you want throughout the year for free.

Vote YES for the Wayne County Art Institute Authority Millage.

There is also a jail millage renewal that will raise money to maintain facilities and build a new youth training center. This is probably a bad time to ask voters to give the county money, considering the number of scandals swirling around the administration.

We’re going to sit this one out.

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