It’s a party like no other, and it’s a ‘fun-raiser’

Dance the night away.

By Alan R. Madeleine

Ain’t no party like a HAMTOWN party, ‘cause a HAMTOWN party don’t stop.

Okay, not totally true, but it should be a good one.

Got your tickets yet? Well, come on down — support the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival, and have some food, hear some music, have a drink, mingle, rub elbows, dance. Do the Hokey-Pokey, if you must.

Just be there. Or, be square. The choice is up to you.

For the second year in a row, your friends here at The Review will be ratcheting up the fun, as we host another Labor Day Festival Fundraiser Party. Continuing in the popular tiki theme, the party will feature an acoustic set or two by Dave, Al & Ken of the enduring local act The Polish Muslims. Watch for a mystery combo starting out the evening with some relaxing instrumental vibes.

Might you recognize a couple of those guys as Review employees? You might.

Hot foods and salad will be made available from Royal Kabob and Srodek’s Market will provide pierogis. PLAV Post 10will help too, by lending their fryers for the pierogi cookin’! Check out bartender “T-Bone” (you may know him from Whiskey in the Jar, or Northern Lights Lounge, or the 2 Way Inn), who’ll ply his trade from our newly constructed tiki bar (thanks to Wally Tripp – see below for more on Wally).

He takes special pride in making sure that you achieve the state of liquid bliss your mother intended for you. Luxuriate under the tents of our open air courtyard whilst you dine and take libation.

Might you get lucky? You might.

Might get lucky?

Still not enough for you?

Then wig out to wild man (newly-retired former Sgt.) Wally Tripp, who’ll handle the DJ-ing duties that will carry your tender heart late into the night, or sprinkle your feet with magic dance dust.

Wooly? Yes. Bully? May-beeee…

Review Publisher John Ulaj wants to stress that, although fun and fundraising are at the forefront of this shindig, it will nonetheless be a classy affair.

“We had a great response to last year’s party, and raised some meaningful money to help secure the Labor Day Festival tradition,” he said. “So everyone, come on down and get on board for this special night. You won’t soon forget it!”
Worried about parking? Don’t be.

The Review office is located at 3020 Caniff St., conveniently right across from a city parking lot. Nor will you need change – the lot is free on weekends anyway. There is also plentiful curbside parking in front of our building.

We see you tighten your shoulders. “And just how much will all this outstanding fun set me back?” you ask, suspiciously.

Not to worry, friend. This entire grand evening (certain to cost four figures per plate, were it to be held in Washington D.C., for example) will cost you a mere $25 simoleons.

That’s right – just $25 to coat yourself in fun all night long, and yet still feel good about it in the morning, knowing that you helped keep one of Hamtramck’s greatest traditions, the Labor Day Festival, still going strong after all these years.

Prosit, indeed. So fun seekers, once again we say, come on down! The fun starts at 7 p.m.!

And trust me, we’ll tell you when to leave!

Plenty of food.

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