It’s a secret who bought St. Lad’s former school

By David Piestrzynski
Special to The Review

There’s no need to wonder whether the former St. Lad’s school will become a rotting, empty building.

With the closing of Dickinson West Elementary School a few weeks ago, which had been located in St. Lad’s building, city officials were concerned about the future of the structure.

The Review learned this week that the building has been sold.

According to Rev. Andrew Wesley, the administrator of the parish, they were able to find a buyer just as the lease with the Hamtramck Public School system was coming to an end.

However, Wesley said he is currently unable to disclose the buyer’s identity, or the price the building was sold for.
City officials say it could be a few months before that information can be disclosed, along with the new owner’s plans for the building.

The best guess, however, is the building will be turned into a charter school. At least that makes the most sense.

The Hamtramck Public School system had been leasing the school since 1998, but didn’t renew the lease as a result of declining enrollment and budget cuts.

Initially, Wesley said he anticipated a difficult sale in the current market. But a sale was necessary, he said, as keeping the former school was a financial burden on the parish.

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