It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

By Charles Sercombe

Here we go ‘round again.

Detroit Post Office officials now say Hamtramck’s Post Office is still on a list of branches that could be closed down.

A few weeks ago, the Post Office said Hamtramck’s branch has been spared.

Why the back and forth?

Carol Zarek, the customer relations coordinator in Detroit, said she has “no idea” where the previous announcement originated from. She said, though, Hamtramck was pulled from the chopping block for later consideration, which could be a few weeks away or maybe months away.

“The office is on hold at this point,” Zarek said. “It’s like any other business going through layoffs. … It could be an ongoing process.”

The Postal Service has been bleeding millions of dollars in recent years because of a sharp decline in people using the service. The cause: more and more people are using the Internet to stay in contact with others and also for paying bills.

That potential threat has prompted Russ Gordon of Zinow St. to hand in a petition with 1,200 signatures from folks who want to save the office.

“It’s essential, we have to keep it,” Gordon said.

Hamtramck’s office was built in 1935-36 and caused a citywide celebration upon its completion. Many consider the building historically significant.

If this office is closed, the nearest one would likely be on Dequindre near 6 Mile.

Gordon said there is a tentative plan to hold a rally in front of City Hall on Oct. 31 – the Saturday before the General Election. He has invited elected officials to attend and help persuade postal officials to save this office.

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