Land is cheap in Hamtramck and ideal for creative thinking


          What’s going on people?

          The city is having a fire sale on city-owned lots and hardly anyone is interested, judging by the first round of auctions.

          We were mystified why no one was willing to bite on a dozen or so lots on Grayling St., each going for a mere $250 each. You’d think just as an investment, someone would be interested in snatching up a bunch of connected lots for future development.

          It’s been said by some city officials that the emergency manager should have adhered to a “plan” that had been created on how to market the city’s 275 lots. However, according Kathy Angerer, the city’s Director of Community & Economic Development, there is no such plan.

          She said there was talk of producing a plan but that was just talk.

          Perhaps what the administration should do for future auctions is contact media sources in the metro area and let them know that land is going dirt cheap in Hamtramck.

          The city needs to create some buzz and do some public relations.

          We envision these lots as a perfect opportunity for younger people to become part of the micro-housing movement that is happening world-wide. People are creating amazing housing units that are no more than 300-500 square feet.

          Yes, you read that right.

          Much of it is off the grid and eco-friendly. Imagine a cluster of these housing units located in Hamtramck. Now that would attract attention – and people – to the city.

          We’ll do our part and spread the word to those we know in the media, and it would be a good idea for city officials to also roll up their collective sleeves and spread the word.

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