Let the city and state know you have suffered damages

We can’t blame you for thinking: “What’s the use of reporting flood damage?”
Although there is no promise of financial assistance for those who suffered damages from last week’s massive flooding, it’s still worth the extra effort.
For one thing, it will give the city and county an idea on how severe this flood was. That alone may inspire federal and state authorities to start investing in our roads and sewer lines.
It is no secret that the recent zeal of some elected officials to cut back on spending has resulted in our infrastructure falling apart – namely our roads and bridges. This is shameful for a country that likes to boast of being the most advanced in the world.
Maybe that is changing. Gov. Snyder has been giving strong hints this past week that that federal financial assistance is coming down the pike for households that need help in recovering from the flood.
We know one place not to look for help and that’s from insurance companies who have pulled every trick in the book to dodge making good on otherwise legitimate claims of damage.
So, if you haven’t submitted a report yet, you can get a form in city hall, either at the Water Department or at the City Clerk’s Office.
Do yourself and the city a favor and make your claim.

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