Letter from the Superintendent …Hamtramck Public Schools offer a unique learning environment




By Tom Niczay


Hamtramck Public Schools

It keeps getting better all the time.

The Hamtramck Board of Education is very proud to present the 133rd graduating class of Hamtramck High School and the 4th graduating class of Horizon Alternative Education.

Last year’s graduating class was offered $1.8 million in college scholarship money. The class of 2013 has been offered $2.4 million in scholarship money. Many of the graduates started in Hamtramck Public Schools, stayed in Hamtramck Public Schools, and succeeded in Hamtramck Public Schools. 

“The Mackinac Center for Public Policy” ranked Hamtramck High 120th out of over 500 Michigan High Schools giving it grade of “B”, while “The Center for Michigan” ranked the entire Hamtramck Public School District 200th out of again over 500 school districts. 

Please keep in mind Hamtramck has the highest poverty level in Wayne County. Many students come through the doors of HPS with challenges, yet not only do they survive, they thrive. They thrive because of caring families, a caring K-12 public school system, and a caring community.  

We accept every Hamtramck resident and our skilled teachers and administrators have increasing academic growth has a focal point in their individual school improvement plans.

Hamtramck Public Schools has a diverse population which is uniquely American. Diversity is something to celebrate. Being in a diverse environment provides an opportunity to learn from someone who most likely has a different perspective based on their life experiences.

That’s a powerful learning environment. 

Hamtramck High School continues its partnership with the “General Motors Schools of Excellence” grant.  The GM grant has brought HHS the “Institute for Research and Reform in Education” The IRRE has been using its national reform model which has a proven track record, to work with staff on the following strategies; creating small learning communities, effective use of data, family and student advocacy, instructional improvement, and leadership development.

During this school year the HHS robotics team finished 36th out of 200 teams in the in final state rankings. Please view the Team Cosmos robotics video on our web page at www.hamtramck.k12.mi.us

 During the 2012-2013 school year the newly created Kosciuszko campus, which includes Dickinson West Elementary and Kosciuszko Middle School have become a popular choice for families seeking  successful schools. Dickinson East celebrated 100 years of successfully educating Hamtramck’s youth this year.

Holbrook School is 116 years old and continues to be a respected Southside institution. While the Early Childhood Elementary School continues to offer top notch instruction in a nurturing environment for Hamtramck’s youngest students. Hamtramck Public Schools have National Honor Society membership at all schools.  

Last year HPS began its anti-bullying campaign in all schools. Teachers, students, administrators and restorative practices coordinators have held “community building circles” where bullying prevention, how to handle social situations, role playing and recognizing the signs of bullying are discussed. The ultimate goal of the “circles” is that students learn practical skills to foster harmony within the school and the community.

 Research shows that a student led approach is the most effective way to combat bullying. Students at Kosciuszko Middle School created a Public Service Announcement video about bullying. The video is posted at www.hamtramck.k12.mi.us 

Music and arts have flourished during 2012-2013. The powerful all district concert and art show held on May 20 at the HHS Community Center featured the HHS chorus, the HHS band, the Kosciuszko orchestra, intermediate and advanced band and vocal music performances by Dickinson West and East. Art worked from all schools graced the lobby. The audience demonstrated their appreciation with spine chilling applause. It keeps getting better all the time.

Athletics during the 2012-2013 school year kept Hamtramck Public School students physically active in organized competition. Students competed in girls and boys’ soccer, girls and boys’ basketball, wrestling, girls’ volleyball, girls’ tennis and boys’ baseball.

Every student that was involved in sports is a winner. It is not about winning or losing it is about being active, being involved in an organized and structured program. Our dedicated athletic director and coaches go the extra mile working with students teaching lifelong team building skills while having fun.

It keeps getting better all the time.

Tom Niczay

Superintendent of Hamtramck Public Schools

2 Responses to Letter from the Superintendent …Hamtramck Public Schools offer a unique learning environment

  1. p.gubin

    June 16, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Thats something we as residents of Hamtramck can be very proud of. Under the excellent leadership of Mr. Niczay and staff it can only get better. Go Cozmos.

  2. Aseel Mahmoud

    October 7, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    I love hamtramck public school

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