Mayor deserves a third term despite financial crisis


                 There really is no other choice in the mayoral election coming up this Nov. 5.

          Clearly, Mayor Karen Majewski has proven her worth in being re-elected for a third term.

          The mayor has represented Hamtramck well, and has managed to weather a highly-dysfunctional city council. While we wish she had been more outspoken and critical on certain development decisions that the zoning and plan boards have made in recent years, she at least has a vision of where this city needs to go.

          First, of course, is allowing the emergency manager to bring the city back to financial solvency.

          And that largely means stepping out of the way.

          While it may seem incongruous to endorse a mayor whose city fell into a financial crisis and forced the state to appoint an EM, it was not her fault, nor really that of any elected officials.

          The city’s finances are hampered by union contracts that elected officials do not have the authority to break or significantly change. Only an EM can do that.

          Majewski’s opponent, City Councilmember Abdul Algazali, has shown nothing but contempt to his colleagues and the city.

          He has missed several meetings during his term without so much as offering an explanation. He then had the gall to ask his colleagues to excuse his absences. His colleagues correctly ignored his request.

          It has also come to light since the primary election that Algazali had fallen behind on paying property taxes for several properties he owns. As it turned out, he was two years behind on one property.

          According to the city charter, any elected official who is in default to the city gets kicked out office.

          After that information came out, Algazali paid the tax just a week after the election.

          Emergency Manager Cathy Square and the city attorney decided that despite being late in paying property taxes for two years, Algazali was guilty of nothing more than suffering from an oversight.

          We don’t agree with that interpretation, and the decision will now set precedent.

          The point here, though, is that Algazali, who rails against tax increases, doesn’t pay his taxes on time. That’s an insult to the many households who have tight budgets that still manage to pay their bills on time.

          In short, Algazali is an embarrassment to the community and is not worthy to hold the office of city councilmember, let alone the position of mayor.

          Make the right — and only — choice this Nov. 5 and vote for KAREN MAJEWSKI for mayor.

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  1. Syed

    October 29, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Biased much?

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