Mayor inspires students to reach a little higher in career goals

By Ian Perrotta
Review Staffwriter
Since March is National Reading Month, Jenna McGregor decided to book the mayor.
Last Monday (March 22) Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewski was at Hanley Academy to read to McGregor’s first grade class. As part of the month-long celebration, the school wanted to bring in parents, teachers and influential community members to show that reading is an activity that everyone can enjoy.
The students sat attentively as Majewski talked about her job and read the story “Duck for President,” written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin. As she read, Majewski interacted with the children, asking them questions relevant to the book and helping them make connections between the storyline and the real world.
In addition to reading, the first grade class also focused during the month on writing a classroom story about what the students want to be when they grow up. The mayor’s storytime clicked with some of the children in more ways than one, as many students second-guessed their career choice once she was gone.
“It was a wonderful experience and the students were thrilled,” said McGregor. “Many of them wanted to change their page in our classroom book to being a Mayor or President.”

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