Mayor kicks former mayor off DDA

Former Mayor Karen Majewski


By Charles Sercombe
The bad blood between former Mayor Karen Majewski and current Mayor Amer Ghalib continues to boil.
In the latest development, at last night’s city council meeting, Ghalib asked for the council to fire Majewski from her position on the city’s Downtown Development Authority.
Ghalib appointed her to the DDA Board of Directors when he took office in 2022, but since then their relationship has increasingly become strained as Majewski criticized a number of decisions he and the city council have made during the past several months.
Of particular concern – and maybe the breaking point – for Majewski was the mayor’s and council’s decision to ban the display of pride flags on city property – namely city flagpoles.
When the city council was about to consider a resolution to prohibit pride flags in the name of remaining “neutral” in the issue, Majewski posted on her Facebook page this comment:
“I hope our governor’s new LGBTQ Task Force will take a look at this, and take it into consideration as the State of Michigan makes decisions about grants and other funding.”
Below that comment was a copy of the council’s resolution to ban the display of pride flags, as well as other flags other than the U.S., state, city and POW flags.
Ghalib said that her encouraging the state to cut funding was “crazy.”
He also said that he removed Majewski because she is “being a divisive member of the community.”
Ghalib also said that her ongoing criticism of him has taken a toll.
“How can I get along with people who work against me?” he said.
Ghalib makes the appointments to the DDA board, and it is his right, with council permission, to remove an appointee.
Asked to comment on her removal, Majewski told The Review:
“The choice to remove me from the DDA board had nothing to do with the quality of my service in that organization.”
Posted Sept. 15, 2023

3 Responses to Mayor kicks former mayor off DDA

  1. Shari Bloomquist

    September 16, 2023 at 1:02 pm

    Is she serious?

    Karen wants to have the State of Michigan reconsider grants and other funding to the city given all the financial problems the City of Hamtramck has been facing the last several years?

    I think that Karen as a mayoral appointee needed to be more circumspect and respectful in her comments relative to decisions our leaders make in running the city.

    I cannot fault the mayor for his decision in firing Karen.

  2. Deborah Bunkley

    September 20, 2023 at 8:02 am



  3. Shari Bloomquist

    September 23, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    @Deborah Bunkley:

    We need as a community to be focusing upon the important things in our society – such the city meeting its fiscal obligations, reasonable road maintenance and ensuring public safety is maximized.

    I respect the Hamtramck Queer Alliance’s right to march in the recent Labor Day parade and to advocate against hate.

    However the Pride Flag issue is of low-level importance from my perspective and the perspective of most Hamtramck residents. I do not believe there is widespread hate of the LGBT community by most residents here. The LGBT community needs to chill out.

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