Murder case remains unsolved

By Charles Sercombe

There will be no charges filed against four suspects in the stabbing death of Joseph King.

King was killed last October after encountering the suspects late at night two blocks from Small’s Bar on Conant. The suspects had been in the bar.

Detective John Aiello, who is in charge of the investigation, said the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office declined to press charges at this point. However, he added that the case is still open and if new evidence is discovered the matter could be revisited.

King, 24, reportedly got into a knife fight with the suspects. King was found with his throat slit. The suspects also had knife wounds.

According to sources, the suspects said that King instigated the fight and they were forced to defend themselves.

Investigators initially thought the death was a hate crime because King was black and the suspects are white.

There was no evidence to support that theory, police later said.

What little has emerged publicly is that the incident is the result of a drunken encounter between the men.

The suspects were held for 72 hours before being released without charges being filed.

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