Now is the time to plan for an even better Paczki Day

Now that Paczki Day is behind us, we have a few suggestions to make next year’s event sweeter.
We don’t mean to sound like we’re complaining but we think there is room to improve, and isn’t that what everyone wants?
Well, assuming so, here goes. For one thing, would it be too much to ask for the city to clear the Jos. Campau sidewalks of snow and ice? From what we were told, it’s up to the Public Works Department to get the job done.
It was downright treacherous trying to walk on our sidewalks, and we saw more than one senior struggle mightily to keep from slipping and falling over.
Just for safety’s sake it should be done, but it also sends out a message to visitors that by not clearing our sidewalks we’re not a very hospitable community.
It would also be nice to see reserve police officers walking around our bakeries and bars to send out a message of security.
As for the bakeries, it confounds us that they haven’t figured out a way to reduce the waiting time for paczki buyers. There is no reason for anyone to stand out in the cold for two to three hours.
Why not set up a cart out front to expedite sales? Or better yet, rent a food truck to sit outside the bakeries to speed things up.
And speaking of food trucks, where were they? You’d think a major gathering like this would attract them.
Despite these shortcomings, this year’s Paczki Day was a resounding success. Our only wish is for it to get better and better.

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