Our endorsements for city council, and a reminder, support the Mayor Majewski


          Last week we made our mayoral endorsement for next Tuesday’s General Election.

          This week, it’s the city council’s turn.

          However, there is one council race we are not going to endorse because Review employee Ian Perrotta is a candidate. He and Abu Musa are in a runoff to see who will fill the council seat vacated by Cathie Gordon.

          She left office to pursue a run for mayor. Her seat has two years left in its term.

          In the other city council election, there are three seats open, each a four-year term.

          Voters will be asked to vote for no more than three candidates.

          This race is a hard one to completely fill out, but we think candidates TITUS WALTERS and ANDREA KARPINSKI are highly qualified to take office.

          Walters is no stranger to voters. He has been a member of the Hamtramck School Board for several years and is currently its president. Walters has a keen sense of the needs of this community, and has generously given his time to the  school district.

          Karpinski is a lifelong resident and former city employee who now works for the state.

          She has insight into city government and how it works.

          It should be noted that the only incumbent in the race, Mohammed Hassan, has contributed little to the council and has failed to live up to an agreement with the city to settle a water bill.

The city finally had enough and recently turned off his water service.

          Is this the kind of public servant we want representing Hamtramck? Somebody who can’t pay his bills or keep his end of a promise?

          In the mayoral race, just as a reminder, we support the re-election of Mayor KAREN MAJEWSKI.

          She is clearly head and shoulders above her opponent, Abdul Algazali, who is himself a property tax delinquent.

          No matter what, we urge voters to go to the polls next Tuesday, Nov. 5, because in Hamtramck every vote truly counts.

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