Our endorsements: Take two


          Last week we announced our endorsements for the city council race that’s coming up in the Aug. 6 Primary Election.

          Unfortunately, some of the information we based the editorial on was from an initial ballot that contained numerous errors. Error-free ballots have since been printed and mailed out to absentee voters.

          One of the errors on the ballot said voters can vote for no more than six candidates running for the four-year positions on council. As it turns out, voters can vote for no more than three candidates.

          Since that is the case, we have to modify our endorsement. Also, we need to recap that The Review is only endorsing candidates for this race because the owner of the newspaper, John Ulaj, is running for mayor, and our copy editor, Ian Perrotta, is a candidate for the two-year seat.

          We are not making endorsements in those two races because it would appear as a conflict of interest.

          So, having said that, here’s our endorsement for the three seats in the four-year term category:

          Jewel Mohammed, Titus Walters and Andrea Karpinski.

          We also encourage voters to consider candidates Anthony Liggett and Armani Asad.

          Any of these five candidates will serve the city well and eliminate the dysfunction that has plagued the current council for the past few years, and which ultimately lead to Gov. Rick Snyder appointing an emergency manager to take control of the city.

          Let’s bring sanity back to the city council and bring in new people who will be able to help transition this city back to local control.

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  1. Former Resident.

    July 24, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    There is another ERROR on the ballot. Sterling Heights resident Cathie Gordon is on the ballot running for Mayor of Hamtramck. I am no politician but if former residents are allowed to run for Mayor or Council …….good grief.

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