Police nab their man and a few more

By Charles Sercombe
Some pro-active police work paid off for Hamtramck.

In the last few weeks, a street mugger had been targeting elderly women – including an 82-year-old — and got away with over a dozen attacks. He escaped arrest, that is, until one victim was able to provide a good description of the suspect and the general area where the suspect was last seen.

That led to the surveillance of a certain area of the city, which police don’t want to reveal at this moment. Sure enough, the suspect was spotted.

And then some good luck struck. While tailing the suspect, undercover officers stumbled upon several suspects breaking into a house.

The burglars were nabbed and the mugger was also nabbed later.

All are facing felony charges. The suspected street robber is Andre Robinson, 19, of Hamtramck. He has been charged with unarmed robbery and if convicted faces a 15-year prison sentence. He is also a habitual offender.

Yes, a habitual offender at age 19.

Robinson is being held in Wayne County Jail in lieu of posting a $15,000 bond. He has a preliminary examination in Hamtramck 31st District Court on April 22.

The suspects in the break-in are: Shawn Cole, 17, of Detroit, Christopher Williams, 18, of Hamtramck and Eulas Henderson, 21, of Detroit.

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