Police shoot at drunk driver who tried to run over officer

By Charles Sercombe
A female drunk driver lead Hamtramck police on a wild chase early Thursday morning that almost cost her life.
At about 3 a.m., police officers attempted to pull over a woman driving a white Toyota after she had hit several cars. Instead of pulling over, however, the unidentified driver sped away and got on I-75 traveling north.
Hamtramck officers stopped chasing the driver at 9 Mile and got off the freeway. To get back to Hamtramck officers followed a service drive and suddenly “there she was,” said Detective Jackie Crachiolo. Officers attempted to box the driver in but the woman rammed several police cars and tried to run over one officer.
That’s when police shot at the driver. With the windows shot out and a bullet in her shoulder, the woman managed to get away. At one point Clawson police chased the woman. She was finally apprehended in West Bloomfield.
The woman is in stable condition. Her blood alcohol content was at least double the amount considered being drunk.
Police say she had no ID on her and do not know her name.

2 Responses to Police shoot at drunk driver who tried to run over officer

  1. Roger

    March 29, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Once again some citizens are questioning the police on their priorities on this case, the idea being that they had no right being on the freeway chasing speeders. this is my response:

    first, I propose that although the officers may be overlapping some MSP jurisdiction per se, its these overlaps that allow no gaps. One might say that with all the crime we see on the freeways that even the MSP has their hands full and can use an extra pair of eyes sometimes. In this case I believe they took advantage of a lull in activity (at 2:45am when things tend to be quietest) to scout the freeway which borders (and passes through) our fine city.

    One might say cashing in on speeders is wrong, really? to do so is to say not only that speeding is ok, but that even if it isnt ok, that police should ignore it anyway. Cashing in on criminals is their perogative, its how they pay their salaries.

    If it werent for stupid people the police wouldnt have a job. I’m sure any officer would agree that its not the good citizens that get tickets or get shot by officers its the trouble makers, the rebels, the people that are under the impression that “my law is the law” and that live under a false hope that they wont get caught for doing something that they KNOW is wrong. For 2000+ years of recorded history people have been arrested, incarcerated and executed for crimes against the people of this planet. I put forth that there are exeptions to the rule, people in the wrong place at the wrong time that just get unlucky, but as a majority rule if you speed, steal, attack, or just plain break the law you must be braindead or self-destructive because there’s overwhelming, undeniably, uningnorable evidence that you can and will be punished.

  2. Ilene Andrus

    October 16, 2017 at 10:38 am

    When someone you love is killed by these speeding idiots, then maybe it will be understood although it will be too late. Get them off the road.
    Get the license plate, car description and take a picture if you can.
    Then report it.
    If the family of these speeding idiots knows their relative drives with no regard for life, they are also guilty. The driver has no respect for life, the law and himself for they often die as a result of their recklessness.
    The new alleys are needed but police
    getting the speeders off the road takes priority.

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