Polonia Owner Has No Reservations About TV Show

By Ian Perrotta

Review Special Writer

Most people from Hamtramck already know that there are numerous places to get great tasting and genuine foreign foods.

Now, thanks to The Travel Channel’s show “No Reservations,” the rest of the world knows about Polonia Restaurant.

In January, the crew from the show secretly visited a number of restaurants in the Hamtramck/Detroit area. Looking for a place that had the right combination of atmosphere and authenticity, the producers decided on the Hamtramck establishment and on Jan. 7 called owner John Zurowski and asked for permission to film. Within an hour, the crew was in the restaurant.

“It’s like the show’s name indicates,” said Zurowski, “they didn’t give us any time to prepare. What they filmed was typical of our daily operation.”

Once filming wrapped, the cast and crew stayed at Polonia and dined on the food they had just witnessed being made and enjoyed a bottle of Zobrowka Vodka.

Since the show aired, Zurowski has seen a slight upswing in business. He was pleased with how his restaurant was portrayed, but more importantly, he says the exposure is good for other businesses, too. Though Hamtramck was not mentioned by name in the episode, there have been positive benefits for the city.

“People come in after seeing the show, and they want to know what else is in the area. I try to let them know that there is a lot that the city has to offer. I hope that the show can bring business and benefits to others as well,” he says.

The show has already aired, but can still be seen in reruns. And of course, you can always experience the real deal at Polonia, located on Yemans just east of Jos. Campau.

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