Recyclable Materials

Here’s a list of what can be recycled:
o Cardboard and paper bags (no wax-coated cardboard)
o Paperboard (no wax-coated paperboard)
o Magazine and catalogs (any size)
o Junk mail (envelopes, flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.)
o Office paper (all types and sizes)
o Phone books (all types and sizes)
o Newspaper (remove bag strings and rubber bands)
o Pots and pans (kitchen cookware)
o Steel and tin cans (empty cans only)
o Clear glass (empty, clear glass only)
o Aluminum cans (empty cans only)
o Plastic jugs and bottles (#1 and #2)
o Household plastic (#3-#7, empty containers only)
o Plastic bags (most retail and grocery bags)
Here’s what is not acceptable:
o Paper milk or juice cartons
o Styrofoam containers and packing
o Garbage
o Propone tanks
o Paint cans
o Colored glass
o Medical waste
o Flammable liquids
o Household cleaners
o Chemicals (dry or liquid)
o Wood items

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