Recycling gets another chance, but will depend on donations

By Charles Sercombe

All right, Hamtramck fans of recycling.

We’ve got another chance to make this thing work, financially-speaking. Although the city can no longer afford to keep the program going, the Hamtramck Recycling Commission isn’t giving up so easy.

The commission is hoping the public will step up and support recycling. You will have an opportunity to show your support on the next drop-off day, next Saturday (Dec. 11). This time around, the commission is asking for donations.

“The Recycling Commission is asking residents and businesses to contribute what they can to keep the recycling program going,” said recent commission appointee Bill Wiitala.

The drop-off center is in the city parking lot on Caniff at McDougall and operates the second Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Well, that will be the plan if enough financial support comes through. There will definitely be another recycling day in January.

To donate by check, make it out to “City of Hamtramck” and write “recycling” in the memo line. You can then mail it to: Recycling, City Hall, 3401 Evaline, Hamtramck, MI 48212.

Or you can make a donation when you recycle at the city site.

You don’t have to donate too much, although too much is always welcomed. This is a matter of getting a few bucks here and there from everyone who uses the service.

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