Republicans are out to destroy the middle-class

The future of labor unions is increasingly coming under attack in this country, and it has huge repercussions for Hamtramck’s public labor force.

All eyes lately are on what’s happening in the state capital of Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker wants to break public unions forever by eliminating their right to collective bargaining.

Walker beat his Democratic challenger last November by about 100,000 votes and was part of a Republican sweep nationwide. We’re not sure what voters were thinking, but they must have been hoodwinked by some slick campaign advertising.

Why do we say that? Well, besides busting unions, Walker has shifted the tax burden – actually increased taxes – on the middle-class and gave the super rich a tax break.

Hey, where is the Tea Party in all this? Aren’t they against tax increases? Hmmmm … makes you wonder if that whole ruckus was merely the work of stooges for the corporate class.

While Walker is taking unions head-on, Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, is wisely avoiding that course of action.

Or is he?

There is now pending legislation that Michigan lawmakers will soon finalize that would give the state a backdoor approach in nullifying collective bargaining rights of public sector unions.

The law that defines the role of a state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager is being broadened to allow the EFM to tear up union contracts and rewrite them any way he or she wants.

That’s pretty much saying goodbye to collective bargaining and bargaining in good faith.

Snyder is also a Republican but he is no ordinary politician, which is probably why so many otherwise Democratic voters switched parties and supported him.

Some of those who supported Snyder were police officers and firefighters, who have increasingly become more aligned with Republican candidates and causes.

Well, guess what?

You guys got burned … bad.

Snyder managed to win the election without ever saying what specifically he would do to “reinvent” the state. Shame on you voters who gave him your vote.

The guy is turning out to be the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make no mistake, Snyder is anti-union and is in alignment with the greater Republican cause to destroy the middle-class.

Just look at his budget proposal, which would raise taxes for everyone but the super rich and corporations.

Wake up people. There are national and local political forces out there who want to gut this great country and make us all paupers just so the rich and powerful can get more rich and powerful.

It’s time we working people and working class communities take action and take our country back. It starts at the voting booth.

And it’s worth it to start talking about recalling many of these Republicans from office before they do some real harm. Yes, spread the word around folks: RECALL.

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    August 26, 2023 at 9:12 am


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