Safety first when it comes to protecting our entertainment circuit

We hate to see any business in Hamtramck close down.
The city’s main business district, Jos. Campau, has far too many vacancies and losing just one more business would be painful.
But then there is Club Aces, formerly Shadow Bar and also known by a host of other names. As Shadow and now as Club Aces, this bar has been a consistent nuisance.
A few weeks ago three customers in the bar were shot and injured. There were some in the bar who shot back at the fleeing suspects, which is even crazier.
In the past there have been other shootings and numerous fights and other rowdy behavior in and around the bar. It got to the point where the bar signed an agreement to compensate the payment of officers who were stationed outside the bar.
But that agreement apparently broke down and officers were pulled from that duty.
The bar is now seeking to renew its business license. This gives the city an opportunity to set the wheels in motion to deny the request. We’re not sure what the city is doing in this matter, but we urge city officials to reject the license renewal.
We’re sure it could result in a court fight, but the city has plenty of evidence that this establishment is a true nuisance.
With luck, a new bar owner will re-open and act responsibly. Hamtramck is an entertainment destination center. Let’s keep it that way, but let’s also keep our city safe.

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