School arts festival takes on an edgier side

By Charles Sercombe

Is Hamtramck High School getting … ah … avant-garde?

Judging by Tuesday evening’s arts festival at the community center, you might walk away from the event thinking this school is cool and far out.

(OK, for you kids, the term “cool and far out” is old fogey talk for saying it was … uh … oh forget it, we have no clue what the current lingo is for saying something is “groovy.” Oh, there we go again.)

More to the point here, the arts festival showcased drawings and photos from the district’s students as well as some live performances featuring a choral version of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a prayer,” two percussive pieces featuring wood items and another one using only yellow-painted brooms.

There was also a funky hip-hop dance by a troupe of high school girls and a way-out-there concert performance featuring the clanging of saws, hammers and what-not.

This definitely wasn’t your standard high school variety show.

Considering the show started at 5 p.m., it was amazing to see students pack the place. If the performances did push the envelope of what’s considered traditional entertainment, the kids didn’t seem fazed. They hooted and applauded all evening long.

Go Cosmos.

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