School Bell 8/26/22

Fun Fair
Hundreds of parents and kids had a blast at Tuesday’s HPS Fun Fair, held in Pulaski Park.

And there were plenty for students to do as they went from one display table to another where they learned what the district has to offer.
They also got to bounce around in a bounce house and go down a huge inflated slide.
Hamtramck firefighters were also on hand and gave a show and tell about their fire trucks. The police department was there as well.
The fair went from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The new school year is less than two weeks away.

Elizabeth Alpert

Switching schools can be intimidating, but at Hamtramck Public Schools, your student will feel right at home. We pride ourselves on our diverse community that emphasizes collaboration, creativity and top-line education.
To learn more and enroll your student, visit:

Spotlight on
This summer, we showcased some of our amazing and dedicated educators in a new “Staff Spotlight” series.
For our first spotlight, join us in recognizing Elizabeth Alpert! Ms. Alpert is wrapping up her first-year teaching at HPS as the School and Community Facilitator.
What Ms. Alpert likes most about HPS is how often she’s able to work with students’ families.
She is dedicated to helping students develop in and out of our classrooms, including helping get hotspots to students/families who needed connection during the pandemic.
Such commitment!


If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the final days of summer before children head back to school at Hamtramck Public Schools, consider joining friends and neighbors at the Hamtramck Recreation Center Pool.
From open swim to water aerobics, there is something for everyone.
Take a look at the pool’s schedule to determine the best time to stop by for your needs.

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