School Bell … 9/9/22

HPS health tip
Have you ever been curious about trying yoga? If your answer is yes, consider attempting the sport this September to celebrate National Yoga Month!
Plenty of health benefits come with yoga, including improved respiration and heart health, increased muscle strength and flexibility and a way to reduce anxiety and find stress relief, which can help support student growth.
If you’re new to this sport, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of free, beginner tutorials for you and your family to try online. Get started at

From Sep. 15 through Oct. 20, the Hamtramck Recreation Department and The Bling Effect Foundation are offering cheer and tumbling classes for children grades K-3.
Visit the Hamtramck Community Center to register or call their office at (313) 591-7402 with any questions. Only cash or check is accepted at this time.

School tips
Back to school has come around.
For young kids, perhaps there’s a joy at the return. For teens – well, who knows what goes on in those brains. For kids going up a grade, where that puts them into a new school, perhaps some trepidation?
For parents, probably mixed emotions: You won’t have to keep them amused all day, but still, there they go, off on their own.
Well, the good news is, there is a treasure trove of info out there online dealing with tips for preparing to go back to school.
If you go, for example, to this link:, you’ll find, yes, 101 back-to-school tips for kids and parents, far too big a list to be reproduced here, but suffice to say it’s rife with advice.
These tips are organized under such headings as “Prepare mentally,” “Make arrangements for before- and after-school hours,” “Set up a system for making or buying lunch,” “Plan for smooth mornings” or “Devise a plan for homework.”
You will almost certainly find a good idea or three among all those tips that you hadn’t thought of before.
A fan of PBS?
Try: › parents › thrive › and see what they have to offer (hint: it’s a colorful extension of their “PBS For Kids” overall effort, and while it offers a far-smaller amount of tips initially, it has the look of a site one would want to keep checking out periodically).
Prefer your back-to-school tips from north of the border?
Check out, a Canadian website from Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s Family Care Centre. The article addresses the parent’s anxieties first, then moves on to how they can help their child.,,, there are almost more help sites than you can count, and while a good bit of the advice may seem obvious or repetitive, there are also nuggets of info gold to be mined from each, too.

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