School Board election is a pivotal one for district

We can’t avoid the fact that the Nov. 4 election for school board is one of the most important elections Hamtramck voters will face.

There are 15 candidates seeking five positions on the board. We hate to repeat ourselves, but voters really need to pay attention to this election. Some of these candidates do not have the best interests of the district at heart.

Several of these candidates have no business being involved in the school board, and worse, likely want to turn the district into charter schools to enrich themselves or their friends.

A few weeks ago we asked all candidates to fill out a survey of questions about the district. Sadly, only seven of them returned it by or near deadline day.

What a slap in the face to voters. Not surprisingly, the candidates who didn’t return the surveys haven’t even bothered to attend school board meetings.

School board candidates Eric Burkman, Evan Major, Alan Shulgon, Jackie Starr, Omar Almasmari, Dennis Lukas and Mohammad Huda did return their surveys, and for that we are grateful.

The rest of the candidates are apparently relying on dividing the town by appealing only to their ethnic communities. Shame on them.

Once again, here are our endorsements for the school board election:

Six-year term: ALAN SHULGON, EVAN MAJOR and DENNIS LUKAS (with a nod to Anam Miah)

Four-year term: ERIC BURKMAN

Two-year term: OMAR ALMASMARI (with a nod to Jackie Starr)

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