School Board election is critical

We are now a little over one week until the Nov. 4 election.
And as we have said in the last few weeks, the school board election is extremely critical. There are 15 candidates seeking five seats on the school board.
This school board election is unprecedented. Rarely have this many candidates sought a position on the board.
Unfortunately, too many of them have no good reason to run other than to cause trouble or for personal gain.
With a hotly contested election for governor, turnout could be high. There are already over 600 absentee ballots cast.
Your participation is vital in making sure the right people take office. Here, once again, are our endorsements for school board:
Six-year term: ALAN SHULGON, EVAN MAJOR and DENNIS LUKAS (with a nod to Anam Miah)
Four-year term: ERIC BURKMAN
Two-year term: OMAR ALMASMARI (with a nod to Jackie Starr)

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