Search for a new city manager has gone on for too long

Last week the city council interviewed four candidates seeking the job as city manager.
In less than two months state-appointed Emergency Manager Cathy Square will be leaving her post. After her departure, the city will regain local control, but it will still be under the review of a state-appointed financial advisory board.
Square said she intends to be the chairman of that board.
It’s a shame it has taken so long to hire a city manager to help city officials transition back to local control. Back in April, the first batch of candidates who were considered for the job rejected contract terms proposed, so the search had to begin again.
The latest round of candidates seems promising, and for sure there are a couple who would fit in with Hamtramck.
Square is the final decision maker on who gets hired, but she said she is taking council’s input seriously. So far only Mayor Karen Majewski and Councilmembers Robert Zwolak and Andrea Karpinski have offered their opinions.
At press time, Square was still waiting to hear back from Councilmembers Mohammed Hassan, Abu Musa and Anam Miah. Councilmember Titus Walters was absent from the candidate interviews because of ongoing health issues.
A decision by Square should be coming within a week or so. Whoever is hired, they won’t have much time to acclimate to Hamtramck.
In the past, city officials have scared off one city manager after another. Let’s hope they refrain from past behavior and let the new city manager focus without interference.

2 Responses to Search for a new city manager has gone on for too long

  1. Mo

    November 18, 2014 at 1:01 am

    Finding a right candidate for a city manager would definitely be forwarding and improving the city.

  2. Roadman

    November 29, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    “……….Councilmember Titus Walters was absent from the candidate interviews due to ongoing health issues.”

    How many city functions and council meetings has Titus Walters missed?

    Should he not consider resigning his City Council seat if he cannot continue?

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