Sidewalk cafes are in full bloom in Hamtramck

Several bars and restaurants have created sidewalk cafes now that the city has made it easier.



By Charles Sercombe
Hamtramck bars and restaurants have embraced café culture with a gusto.
Several of the businesses have taken up the city’s offer to create sidewalk cafes. A few weeks ago, the city administration came up with the idea to loosen the restrictions and requirements – which many cities in Michigan have done – in order to help out the beleaguered service industry.
Because bars and restaurants had to remain closed during this coronavirus pandemic for three or four months, they have lost a tremendous amount of business.
So, in order to bolster their finances, cities and the state liberalized sidewalk café requirements.
So far, the following establishments have received permits: The Balkan House, PLAV Post 10, Locos Tacos, Bakers Bar, Bar/Ter and Painted Lady.
For those still contemplating the concept, the permits are only $25, but if you plan to sell alcohol outside, you have to get a license from the state.
Over at The Balkan House on Caniff, their sidewalk café attracted a lot of attention and elicited some, ah, colorful comments.
The restaurant chained off a parking space on the busy Caniff Ave., which to some seemed like an accident waiting to happen. (A little front-end bumper with that doner kebob?)

Over at the Facebook page “I love Hamtramck,” Marcin Dragan had this to say:
“With the way people drive in Hamtramck I wouldn’t sit there.”
But others chimed in support.
“Great idea and thanks to the city for allowing it so that our bars and restaurants can stay in businesses,” said Kenneth Bloom.
Maybe word got back to the folks at Balkan House, because by last Friday, the tables were pushed back to being on the sidewalk.
“Just went by, and the table and chairs are on the sidewalk. Looks cute,” said Karen Plochinski, the administrator of the page.
Posted July 24, 2020

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