Snyder’s financial policies are setting up cities for failure

This past week, Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled his plan to turnaround failing schools.

It’s an ambitious plan, but ultimately, it’s awfully vague. For example, Snyder is seeking to have more money spent on students and less on management. That’s great, but how exactly will schools operate without supporting staff?

Worse, how can Snyder expect school districts to function when he has slashed financial aid to the point where many districts are going to end up broke?

And how can we attract teachers if they are required to pitch in 20 percent of their healthcare costs?

Under Snyder, the future of Michigan’s schools looks cloudy at best. Actually, it seems all public employees – including firefighters and cops, are under attack by Snyder’s financial policies.

And speaking of financial cuts to schools and extra financial demands on public employees, Snyder is doing this while at the same time offering millions of dollars of tax cuts to corporations.

No wonder there is increasing disapproval among voters over Snyder’s policies. That shouldn’t come as a shock considering that Snyder refused to talk specifics about his plans while he campaigned for governor.

The amazing thing is he got elected without telling voters what he planned to do. No wonder there is a growing sense of buyer’s remorse about this governor.

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