Street Life… Art in the city

(Editor-at-Large Walter Wasacz writes a weekly column on life in Hamtramck.)

By Walter Wasacz

Since all good things seem to come in threes — think about a good movie where the characters are introduced, a storyline developed and there is resolution in the third act — I thought I’d end my little journey through springtime in Hamtramck with another batch of photos.

As promised, we went out with cameras to find some May landscapes. More flowers are planted, perennials are coming back, and the suddenly sunny weather also helped illuminate some residential murals — the work of longtime Hamtramck artist Dennis Orlowski — that help make the city such a unique place.

We’ll do this again at the beginning of summer — when the burst of local color is even more spectacular — and when the colors begin to turn in the fall. There’s no shortage of visual energy in these old, still beautiful neighborhoods.

As a bonus, we went down to the RiverWalk at the foot of Rivard St. in downtown Detroit and came back with a detail of a map imbedded in the concrete. All Hamtramck lovers should appreciate this. Take a ride down there. It’s only 10 minutes by car, about 25 minutes on bicycle.

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