Street Life: Fall is in the air and on the ground

(Editor-at-Large Walter Wasacz writes a weekly column on life in Hamtramck.)

By Walter Wasacz

Hamtramck is a four seasons kind of town in, of course, a famously four seasons kind of state.

Summer here looks and feels different than winter; spring is distinct from fall. There are small but significant changes. We all see them. Trees, flowers and gardens change color.

People decorate their houses to celebrate holidays and milestones. We have winter festivals (Blowout, Winter Glow); summer street parties (Hamtramck Festival on Labor Day weekend); and various celebrations and happenings based around religious calendars (Paczki Day, Easter, Ramadan, Krishna Day).

Now, add to the mix the first Hamtramck Harvest Festival, to be held this Saturday and Sunday at the municipal parking lot between Polish Village and Polonia restaurants on Yemans St.

To whet our appetites for the weekend ahead and to celebrate the season with appropriate autumnal style, I walked around the city with my camera hoping to snap the changes in the air and on the ground.
One day was sunny and warm, the other wet and chilly. Two perfect settings to capture some October life on the street.

Enjoy the pictures and we’ll see you in line for Polish and German beer at the Harvest.

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