Street Life…Hamtramck will be in full spin this Saturday

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By Walter Wasacz
Bet you one of your dusty old 45s that you don’t know there is something called National Record Store Day.

Check that: since it’s a celebration that spans the globe and has attracted the attention of recently reformed rock groups like Blur, which will release a limited edition 7-inch single on the day of the event (Saturday, April 17) at participating independent shops in the UK, let’s call it International Record Store Day.

Closer to home, Hamtramck’s Detroit Threads (10238 Jos. Campau) is going to celebrate the day with the Detroit Techno Militia (DTM), a collective of producers and DJs just back from an appearance at the Rex Club in Paris. DJs on the decks this Saturday include Neil V., Darkcube, DJ Psycho, Dustin Alexander, Big Joe Hix, Ronin, Todd Weston and the Vandal. DTM also rocked the Jos. Campau retailer during the Hamtramck Blowout in March.

The party is open to all ages (moms and dads, bring the kids; or vice versa) and it’s free.

Threads specializes in house, techno, jungle, electro, jazz, soul, funk, disco, rock, new wave, punk, synth-pop, industrial and just about everything else under the sun and moon. There are bins filled with vinyl stretching from the middle of the store and back. You’ll find imports from England, Germany and the Netherlands plus music from Detroit producers on local labels Docile, FXHE, KMS, Sound Signature and Wallshaker. That’s not even a fraction of what’s in stock. There’s tons.


Owner Mikel Smith recently started his own label, called “Detroit Threads,” natch. When you have a winning brand, roll with it. The first release features Punisher and Andy Garcia (two artists you might see working in the store from time to time). Smith also sells quality vintage clothing, music memorabilia and, oh yeah, compact discs. There’s also a good selection of used DVDs, lots of it with music content.

Vinyl junkies and rare grooves collectors already know that a block up and around the corner is Record Graveyard (2926 Caniff).

You won’t find CDs at the region’s best known vinyl-only emporium, which has its own Record Store Day promotion. For every used record you buy on Saturday, you get one of equal or lesser value for a can’t say no to price: free.

Take a break from the party at Detroit Threads — which runs noon to 11 p.m. — and check it out. You might find that same 45 we were betting on earlier, but in better condition.

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