Taking care of business … At this Mid-East restaurant, the specialty is Shawarma and much more

Business partners Noaman Nagi (left) and Alhareth Malik recently opened a new restaurant in town, Hello Shawarma, located at 3124 Caniff.


By Charles Sercombe
Say “hello” to a new eatery in town.
Recently, a swarm of local dignitaries and invitees attended a grand opening for Hello Shawarma, located on one of the city’s main business arteries: 3124 Caniff.
We talked to co-owner Alhareth Malik about the Middle East cuisine he dishes up, and take it from us, this is the real deal.
Here’s an email Q and A we had with him:

Review: Tell us about your background, and what your business has to offer.
Malik: I came here when I was 17 years old to live the American dream. I have loved to cook since I was a little kid.
My mom helped me a lot when I was young, by teaching me the old fashioned-ways to make a certain dish. I worked for La Shish restaurants back in 2004 — that was my first official job.
Looking back to so many cultures and people I have met, and worked with, has made me realize that everyone has a unique perspective and taste.
My partner, Noaman Nagi, is actually the one who stood up and helped me get where I am now. Even though he might not be a cook, he’s a good eater. Ha-ha.
He knew what I can do, and wanted to be with me on this journey. When you have a good partner who understands, it makes things go smoothly.

Review: What is unique about your restaurant?
Malik: I have put in my 20-plus years of experience to bring something new to my home city HAMTRAMCK. We are more like a family in this, and I love to see my customers as my family.
We have a variety of different types of food since we have a lot of different cultures and food tastes.
We are different because we are. The flavor of the seasonings we add is a mix of all sorts.

Review: About that name for your business, Hello Shawarma? How did that come about?
Malik: It might sound like we are a shawarma place. But we are not.
The name came to me one day when I realized that everyone has to put kabobs on their menu to show they make Middle-Eastern food.
Actually, the most famous dish is the SHAWARMA.
We may appear to have shawarmas only, but we are more than that. We make the best cheese burgers in town, the best steak-N-cheese subs. We also have baked lamb, kabobs all different types (beef,chicken, kafta).
We also offer free tea, and we also make smoothies.

Review: Anything else to add?
Malik: Come try us out. I promise to give the best in everything. And if you’re not happy with what we make, it’s money back guaranteed!

HELLO SHAWARMA is your new spot for Hamtramckans, and for visitors here in Hamtramck — the most beautiful city!

(Hello Shawarma is located at 3124 Caniff, and its hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Check them out online at: helloshawarmami.com.)
Posted July 21, 2023

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